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Related post: Date: Wed, 8 Apr 2009 00:00:52 -0700 (PDT) From: Jay lolita in bedroom mpeg Johndon Subject: Omarion's Song Part 3Disclaimer: The following story is completely fictional. It is not intended to imply anything about the true sexuality of the celebrities mentioned or any personal knowledge about their private lives.(Recap: Rome, an aspiring songwriter, got Omarion to sing a song he and his team wrote. Couple drinks after nude asian lolita nymphette a long studio session causes a sudden sexual experience between Omarion and Rome which prompted Omarion to want a relationship with Rome. Convincing Rome to travel to preteen lolitas top sites NY with him, Rome meets Bow Wow, who gets in an argument with Omarion while Rome is out of the hotel room. After calming Omarion down, Rome has another sexual experience with Omarion and they fall asleep...)I woke up alone in the apartment and I searched around for my phone, which was dead when I found it. I grabbed my charger out of my suitcase and got my charger out. Once my phone was back on I realized I had 5 text's. Two were from Omarion saying "Yo!" and "I guess you're still sleep. I had to run an errand. Be back soon." I just sat there on the bed, still tired from the sleep. I looked at my watch, which read little lolitas giving blowjobs 10:54pm and thought, Damn. I grabbed my in-ear iPod headphones and started listening to some new Musiq Soulchild when I heard a knock at my door. I figured it was Omarion so I went the door and opened it, not even looking to see who it was through the door eye. To my surprise, it was Bow Wow. He stumbled his way in the room smelling of straight Vodka. "Yo where the fuck is dat nigga at?" He asked, barely articulating. "I don't know man, he'll be back though. Aye you aight man?" I said, trying to help him keep his balance. "Yo get off me nigga, I'm straight... lolita angels free pics aight?" He said brushing himself off. "Aight dude, chill out." I said, kind of taken back by his response. "Fuck off pussy nigga. Why the fuck you here anywhere? Omarion recorded your song fresh index lolita gallery so you think you can hang with the superstars now?" "Man, my asian lolitas net he invited me yo, and to be hones..." "Shut the fuck up, I don't give a shit. Pack yo shit and go back to the ghetto ya broke bitch, haha. Broke bitch. That's you nigga!" He said, pushing his finger inside my chest. "Yo you gonna chill out wit ya wreckless talking my nigga. I ain't one of yo boys." "The hell you ain't. You ain't cool enough to even be in this room wit me fuck boy!" "Nigga you ain't nothing but some washed up child-star. Next time you photobucket young nude lolitas make a hit... nah next time you actually write a fucking verse to yo wack shit, then I'll consider 11 yo nude lolitas giving any type of respect. Pussy face bitch." I said getting up in dat niggaz face. petite model dark loltia He paused for a minute and said, "Yo fuck you kid! You just Omarion's little fuck buddy. Yeah, he told me nude child pics lolita about dat shit bitch boy. He's out right now fucking someone else... and then he'll come back and fuck you," he said, now getting in my face. "Only reason he brought yo ass here was to get easy sex. Haha, nigga you ain't nothing but another industry lolita the little girl hoe. No one will give a shit about you `cept have you on yo knees sucking DICK to record one of yo wack songs that won't even make the album. That nigga been finished with his album months ago! What the fuck he need yo shit for??" Damn. I was silent as shit after that. My heart stopped and my hands began to shake. "What? You can't say shit now hoe? Talking bout washed up child-star. bbs nude lolita photos Nigga I got more money than you ever gonna get in yo life. Just keep sucking dick like you do and maybe you'd get to..." then I pulled backed and punched him in the face, making him fall to floor. He instantly got up lolita girls nude 3d holding on to his jaw with blood dripping down, smiling. "Haha," he laughed, "you bout to get a lawsuit now. Punch me again nigga, cmon!! All I need is for you to break my nose, then you gonna be sucking a lot of dick just to keep yo life in jail. Hit me bitch!" Yo this nigga was the devil. But I really ain't give a shit. Back where I'm from, we fuck up niggas that talk wreckless. So I run up on this nigga and push him to the floor. He somehow finds a way to grab my legs and I thai lolita 16 yo fall to the floor. Then this short nigga pops up and pins preteen loli latina models me down. Knowing he can't hold me down, I squeeze my arms toward my chest, adrenaline pumping like a mutherfucka, and throw his nigga off lolita girls nudists camp me. But this nigga was quick as shit and he runs back to pin cute thai teen lolita me down, using 10 years oldlolitas bbs all his strength. Not wanting to throw him again, and too tired and emotional to move, I say, "Yo get off me nigga!" He gives a sweaty, bloody evil grin and says, "Nigga shut up, you know you could get off if you want to. cute lolita teen pics I think you like me being on top of you." Just then I get mad as shit and throw him off me again, this time harder and further. I get up and turn the other direction. I head towards the bed to pick up my stuff when he pushes me on the bed and squeezes me. "Nigga, what the fuck do you want? You win! Get the fuck off me, I'm leaving!" I yell. "What the fuck you mean you leaving?" He says with his voice cracking like a kid on puberty. "I mean I'm lolitas boys gays sites coming home! Fuck this shit. I ain't tryna have no problem with you." "So what, you just gonna leave O? Thought you were his lil fuck slave?" "Nigga I'm no one's fuck buddy." I say pushing him. Then he pushes me back and russain lolita bbs pussy holds me down. "What the fuck is up with you pinning me down? This ain't fucking wrestling match, if you wanna fight me then throw a punch! I'm done with this high school shit. nude gay lolita boys You fight like a little bitch! Pinning niggaz down and shit, what the fuck you lolita bbs nymphet naked think this is?! Ya stupid bitc..." Just then he starts kissing me and I can feel his blood drip down my throat. I immediately push him off me and say, "What the fuck you doing bitch?! Gone somewhere with all that!" I said wipinh my lip "Nigga cut the charade with acting like you don't wan..." he starts "Yo shut the fuck up! I ain't fucking with you dude! That ain't how I get down," I say grabbing my shit. "You lucky you drunk as shit, lolita sex with dogs get the fuck out my way, I'm leaving this place. Tell O I say fuck him!" I say pushing him out the way to the door. As I'm walking down the hall, Bow Wow yells, "You just playing right?!" I don't look back, I just throw up the finger and little lols 2 view say, "Fuck you nigga." I have the hotel call me up a car to take me to the airport and place the bill under Omarion's tab. 45 minutes later while sitting at the airport waiting for the flight that leaves in one hour, I get a call from Omarion. I ignore it. He calls 3 more times that I ignore, and then leaves a voicemail. I decide to check the voicemail just to jog my curiosity on what that nigga Bow Wow told that bitch nigga. "Yo! Rome! Where the fuck are you? I get to the hotel and the hotel tells me you gotta car to go somewhere but they won't tell me where! Then Bow Wow tells me you flipped out and 16yo lolita shows pussy left. I don't even know why that nigga is here! lolita sven bbs gate What the fucked happened here? Why is Bow Wow bleeding?? Can you please call me back yo??" I hang up the phone and laugh to myself. I don't even know what the fuck happened, except I can already tell this music business is dog-eat-dog and everyone of these muthafuckas is a dog. Well I ain't going to be one. Fuck meeting these celebs, I'm just gonna work strictly through the backdoor. I lolitas best photography sites ain't no one's fuck buddy, and lolita art nude tgp the fact that I let it get lolitas art young nude that far was all my fault. Talking about `relationship'. Yo what respectable nigga wants a relationship now days? Fuck that. Fuck niggas. Girls are better anyway and so much easier. "Damn, you heard about the flight?" I hear a voice say to me from my right-hand side. "What?" I say annoyed looking up at the person standing. When I realize that it's the loli nude loli galleries R&B singer/songwriter extraordinaire TANK, my face drops. "Aye you're Tank!" "Haha, lolitas illegal, underage nude yeah I think tiny skinny lolita pics so. This seat taken?" "Nah nah nah." I say moving my bags. Then he sits down. "So as I said before you caught a lil attitude," he said smiling, "you heard about the flight? The one to Atlanta?" "My bad about that. But what you mean? I guess it leaves in about an hour," I say looking at my watch. "Haha, yeah I figured you didn't. Look around you..." he says. I look around and see that no one is in the gate area. "The flight got canceled. Something about a weather problem, I don't know." "Damn!! No! Really?? Fuck!!" I yell, pissed off. "Yeah I know what you mean. I just got here and little lolita pussies live I have session in Atlanta tomorrow morning. Not good." He says looking down. "I mean, you are Tank though! You can just order ls lolita bbs teen another flight to be changed to Atlanta with a quick show of your face." I say trying to sound funny. "Haha, that would be nice. But white folks don't know who I am. I'm not a Jamie Foxx." "Nah, you're ten times better. Yo I STUDY your music on a daily basis!" I say, sounding like a true groupie. "Really now? Well hopefully lolita sex video little you were one of the few that bought my last album?" "Sex, Love & Pain?? Two copies!! I was on a road trip and child boy lolita portal realized I left it in my friend's car. I had to buy another one, there's no way I could drive 8 hours without it!!" "Haha, well that makes me feel good. I'm working on a fourth album. But free pics lolita pussy it's hard these days. It's dog-eat-dog out here and no one wants to write/hear about real love anymore." "Man, I definitely understand the dog-eat-dog part. That's why I'm on my way home now!" "Oh you do music?" he says raising his eyebrows. "I mean, I live Atlanta... it's pre teen loli sex a requirement down underage virgin nude lolita there." "Yeah but you here in NY so you must be pretty good. What kind of music you do?" "I'm an R&B songwriter. I lolita top 100 gallery gotta team fotos litle loli cp back in Atlanta. Blackout." I say pulling out my business card. "Nice. Nice. So what brings you here?" He says, I can't believe he's asking me these questions. "Omarion recorded one of my team's songs so I was here for... a follow-up." I said, trying to cover the true meaning. "You got any of your music on you?" "What? I mean, yeah! I got it here on my iPod." "Cool," he says reaching in his bag pulling out his headphones. "Beats By Dre!" I say handing him my iPod which is set on one of our songs. "One of the best." He says as he presses play. His facial expressions doesn't change as the song progresses so I guessed he didn't like the song. Once it was done, he immediately let the next song play and looked at my iPod to make sure it was from my team. After that song played, he listened to young pussy hot lol another one. Then he pulled his headphones off and said, "My man, you guys are really good. I'm taken back lolita young topless models right now." Then I started smiling which made him smile, "I could definitely use some of your style for my writing, if you don't mind a collaboration." "What? Of course I don't mind! Thanks man!" I excitingly said. "You got serious talent kid." lolita top 100 biz Then he looked at his watch and said, "Look I have to get to the studio in Atlanta at least by 2:00pm tomorrow or I lose money. So I'm just gonna drive there." "Yeah its only a twelve hour drive." I say laughing. "That's a long drive, guess you're gonna have to come with me to help me drive." "Really? Yeah I can do that!" I say, standing up. Omarion continues to call me as we ride in the car and Tank says, "Yo Mr. Popular! You getting a lot of phone calls over there. You don't have to be afraid to pick up." "Oh nah I just don't wanna talk on the phone." "Oh. Aye you never told me what why you were going home. You said you understood about the dog-eat-dog part?" "Man, long story short. Omarion brought me here to help me meet people in the industry, but his lil buddy little woman lolitas top Bow Wow told me somethings he said about me that were just out of line." "Damn, like lol bbs preteens pic what?" I didn't know what to say without telling the homosexual parts. "Oh just things like he wasn't really going to use the song he recorded from us, and that he ain't give a shit about me or my unknown team." "Did Omarion tell you this himself?" "Nah, but I doubt he would tell me this stuff anyway." "Then why would he bring you with him anyway?" Damn I hope the dude wasn't catching on. "I don't know. Maybe to keep underground lolita girls porn our song from getting to someone else? The producer we worked with is pretty popular so it wouldn't be hard to find another placement if he young lolita model links was shopping it. But either lolita fashion model pictures case, I didn't find a reason to be here anymore. Just send russian little lolita nude me the check, I'll find a way to meet new contacts." "Yeah I guess I understand. I never really met them, but I always saw Omarion as this calm, cool, and collected dude, and Bow Wow as always a loud mouther." "Yeah angel lola luv topless I there's definitely a difference in the two. But it's some other stuff that went down that I don't even want to talk about." "I feel you. So I'm guessing Omarion is the one the keeps calling you." "Yeah." "Well I'm sorry it went down like that. I can promise I'm much more professional than that." "Yeah I can tell man. My team is going to be psyched to even meet you." "Haha, can't young lolita pre love wait to meet the next platinum team. Aye plug your iPod up so I can hear all of yall's songs." About six hours in, I took over and drove the rest of the way. Tank and pre lolitas teens models I talked the whole way. I don't think I ever met someone who had such great conversation skills. He's extremely down-to-earth to be so talented. We ended up getting to Atlanta around 6:00 pm due to morning traffic, we both didn't realize it was 14 lolita top preteen nude hour drive, neither did ebony young preteen lolitas we include morning and evening traffic "Damn! Well I completely missed that session." "Man, I'm sorry to hear that. But I remember you calling them right?" "Yeah they rescheduled it for tomorrow, but I still have to pay for today's session. That's $2,000 lost." "Wow!! That much??" "Haha, yeah but its cool. Luckily I'm not exactly a struggling artist anymore." "Haha, far from that." "So look I'm gonna get a hotel room. Come lolita top sites portal with me. I could use the company and you can come to the session with me tomorrow." "Aight!" lola nude teen gallery I said. After we get into a hotel room, it's about 8:30 and its dark outside. We both take a shower and chill for a minute. "How old are you?" He asks. "20." "Damn, a young'n. You drink?" "Socially," I said laughing at the `young'n' comment. "Well let's go down to the bar and throw back a few drinks." "How am I gonna be able to do that?" "I've stayed here plenty of times. You're with me." "Cools." We go down to the bar and drink a few drinks until we're both buzzed. I'm definitely more drunk than he is. We go up to the room, laughing and being loud as he helps me into the room. "Maaaan, did you see that girl my nigga?? Bad as shit!!" I say falling back onto the bed. "Haha, I saw her looking at you too nigga. Shoulda hopped on dat!" "Nah man, she was looking at you! You Tank! chochos orientales lolitas enculadas `Nough said!" "Haha, naw she definitely interested in young meat." "Aight," I said lazily getting up. "I'mm go get her." Tank starts laughing and says, "Aight good luck with that!" Then I turn to him and say, "You JUST said she was intereted!!!" "Hahaha, nigga she left, how you gonna find her?" "Ah man, das all? I can find her. I'mma smell out the bitch." I said walking toward the door. Tank pulls my shirt back and says, "Woe woe cowboy, what if flatchested tiny lolitas free we just found another girl?" he said still laughing. I turn around and look bbs prelolita top sites at him, who was also shorter than me like Omarion. He's just loli nn art models standing there smiling and I somehow thought it was time for me to move in. So I grab his head and start kissing him. He immediately backs away and says, "Woe woe man, what was that?" He facial expression completely changes and I realized I made the biggest mistake of my life, and possibly my career! "Oh shit shit shit, look man I didn't mean to do that. Blame it on the alcohol, I thought I was supposed to do that. I mean, not supposed to, it just seemed like the time. I'm not really into dudes man," I babble and keep babbling on. 5 10 yo lolitas "I mean, I don't even like dudes. What happened was this floor is wet and I had slipped and kissed you like dat. Please don't be mad. That wasn't me, blame it on the..." "Aight aight Jamie," He said, I'm guessing referencing to my `blame it' statement. "Its ok. I don't care if lolita young model com you into dudes or not." "Well I'm not really into dudes, I'ma chick dude. Not like I'm a feminine dude, but that I like chicks." list of prelolita sites Then he started laughing so my heart rate slowed down a little bit. "Can we just forget this phtc lolitas teen ls happened?" I said looking down, now realizing how dangerous alcohol is cause I would NEVER do that sober. "Yeah, if you want to man." He said smiling. "You're not gonna forget, are you?" "Not at all. You just kissed me lil dude." "Don't say that! Blame the alcohol!" I said stepping back. "Haha, yeah I've heard the song. But look dude, russia preteen lolita models I never said I didn't like the kiss." Then I got quiet. "So you into dudes?" I questioned. "I mean, I got kids now my dude. But I have been introduced to the game a while back. I did some stuff in my day." "Damn, O petite lolita squirt xxx was free loli hentai mangas right. Everyone in this game is fucking eachother." "Well I only fucked one celeb." "Who was that?" "Haha, I wouldn't out that dude." "My lola luv before picture bad, you right. But look, I'm sorry for the kiss." "Don't be. I ain't kissed a dude in about 6 years. Forgot how it felt." He said coming closer, "How about you remind me again, this time I won't back away." I didn't even say anything, I just went in and gave him a kiss. This time I slowed it down and made sure I reminded him properly. For the first time in my life, my heart pounded fast and I could feel the `fireworks' that people talked about. When I felt his tongue, I started a little tongue fight in between our kiss and grabbed his chiseled physique closer to me and continued French kissing him with my eyes closed. He finally broke the kiss and said, "Man, you really are something special." "Damn, I like you man." I said using both my hands to hold onto his hips. "I've never someone like you." tiny lolita preteen nymph I began to feel myself sober up, but the high of being with him was still there. "I like you too man, but I can't let this go any further than a kiss." "Why not? You not interested?" I said confused. He laughed. "I wouldn't let you hold me right now if I wasn't interested. But once you sober up, you gonna think I brought you to this hotel just for the sex." "No I wont! Well... maybe, but that's in the morning. Let's live right now." "I can't do that man." cccp top 50 lolitas He said looking serious. "So why did you bring me here then? You know I'm not a girl my dude, meaning I probably wanted it more than you did seeing as though I'm younger. I can't remember if I did, cause right now I can't imagine not ever wanting you." "I best lolita bbs sites brought you here because I feel you are talented. I'm in love with music, and you are good at it. The fact that are indescribably sexy and cool as shit just happened to be a coincidence." "You forreal?" "Yessir." "Damn man, I think I'm in love with top virgin lolita models you right now." "Haha, blame the alcohol." "Man whatever. I'm sober now," I lied, prelolita nude art pics "I don't care what you say, I'm sleeping in THAT bed with you." I said pointing at the one closest to the window. "And if I say no?" "You won't," I said getting closer to him. He should have never said he best nude lollies photos thought I was sexy, `cause now I got power over him. I got even closer to him and started rubbing his massive arms. "I'm mature enough to respect yo wishes, but you gotta give me mine." young lolita models pussy I said. "So you sleep with me, but we don't have sex?" "Yessir," I said now lifting his shirt angel aka lola love off, revealing his black wife-beater. "Aight, I'll do that." nudist lolitas nude preteens He said, now lifting up my shirt sweet underage lolita pussy and rubbing on my back. We just stared into each other's eyes for a good five free nude lolita org minutes before he blinked out of tiny little bbs lolitas it and took his hands off of me. forbidden preteen lolita nude Then he turned around and started walking away. He turned his head to the left as to signal me to follow him so I go lolita sun bbs sites up against his back, my hard dick in my jeans against the ass under his and had my young pubescent lolita fellatio footsteps mirror his footsteps. He led me to the bed and sat down. He unbuckled my belt and pulled my pre teen lolita sex pants off, leaving my boxer-briefs on. Then I back away as I reminisce on Omarion's first time wearing boxer-briefs and how it made him feel. "You aight?" Tank asked. I snap out of the flashback and lightly nod my head. "Yeah I'm good man, sorry, just had dja vu or something." "Oh," he said, unconvinced. I move closer to him junior young lolita models and help slide his pants off.Then we got in bed and put the covers on. "Hold on," I say as I go into my bag and pull out my iPod. I see the iPod player that the hotel equipped and put on the song "My banned galleries lolita model Body" from Tank's last album on. Tank burst out laughing and says, "Aw man, why you gotta do that?" "Haha, cmon. This song is fucking amazing." "But I ain't tryna hear that right n..." "Yo chill, chill! The song is playing! Now I gotta start it over." I say as he laughs. I climb back in bed and lay next to him. He turned and looked at me as I smiled back at him. Then he gave me a peck and let out a short sigh. As the song faded out and another one of his songs played, I say, "Yo you got me hard as a rock." "Yeah me too." "But you don't want to do anything about it?" "I do, but trust me on this. It's not a good move." I stay lolita nude ls mags silent after he said that but then I go in and touch his dick over his underwear. He smiled and said, "What are you doing? We had a deal." "Yeah, no sex. But we can jack off right? You know it's not healthy to keep a hard-on unreleased... Blue balls russian lolita tiny girls is a serious medical problem my nigga." "Oh really?" He says mockingly. "I'm telling you man." "Aight well can't polish lolitas non nude have that," he says going in for a kiss. He starts rubbing my rock hard dick with his massive hands and pulls it out under the covers. Then I start pulling his out and realize that the reason they little lolita nudist pics call him `Tank' is not only cuz he's built, but nigga got a serious weapon that could hurt someone. nude nymphets lolitas underage "Damn dude," I say. He smiles, still kissing me as we jack eachother off. Mid-way through, he pulled off my wife beater and started to lick on my nipples while jacking me off, causing me to let go of his dick. He squeezed my dick with the perfect amount grade school loli nymphs of strength and the perfect movement up and down. Smelling the scent of vodka coming from his kisses on my chest made me curl my toes and arch my back as my climax is nearing. Then he went preteen toplist nude lolita back up and kissed my lips as I released seven drunken loads of cum onto my abs and pubic hair. And to my surprise Tank took lolita girl clip nude 3 good minutes to clean me up with his tongue. Then he raised his eyebrows and looked at me saying, "That's something I haven't done, so feel special." I smile and grab hold of his weapon again. "Nah dude, don't even worry about it. I don't want to cum. I just want to lay here with you." I let go and he gave me another kiss, staring at me afterwards with his head above the bed and body leaning on his elbow that was being pressed into the pillows. Then he laid his head down on my chest and I realized the innocence in Tank for the first time. This massive dude is as gentle as the songs he pre teen lolita bbs sings. I see him smile as he falls asleep naked preteen lolitas cp with his arms wrapped around me and head on my chest. I then fall asleep as my phone vibrates with Omarion's name flashing. The best sleep of my life. End of Part 3... Hope you enjoyed it. The 4th installment is going to include a popular celebrity so be on the look out for that. But again, KEEP the e-mails coming. It lets me know I'm not wasting my time. And don't forget to mention your favorite celebrity to help me with the selection... And check out Tank's music, he really 7 sweet lolita biz is an amazing artist that is frequently underrated!!
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